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Lord Kelvin's Paradox

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Lord Kelvin explained the principles of refrigeration by the laws of Thermodynamics but, he never developed an automatic refrigeration machine. It was Edmund Copeland who started the Kelvinator Company named for Kelvin that developed the first domestic refrigerators.

The Norge Rollator

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The Norge Company rose to prominence in the refrigeration industry to become the second leading manufacturer under the leadership of the president of the company,Howard Blood in the 1930's.Blood combined style and innovation to produce the most efficient and reliable models. The unique "Rollator" rotary compressor was the heart of their system unlike all the other models on the market which used reciprocating compressors.

The First Absorption Refrigerator

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Carl Munters and Baltzar Von Platen, two young engineering students, collaborated on the first absorption refrigerator for domestic use. The Electrolux Company recognized the promise of domestic refrigeration and invested in this new technology invented by the two young engineers. Electolux developed the refrigerator into a more practical device for domestic use and became identified by absorption refrigerators as their signature product.  They remained unique among the first manufacturers of domestic refrigerators as the only one's utilizing the absorption cycle originally proposed by Munters and Von Platen

The Big Guns

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Two men known for their work in the automotive industry also left their mark on the refrigeration industry. George Mason left the automotive industry for Copeland Corporation and later became president of Kelvinator but was reunited with the auto industry when Charles Nash, president of the Nash Motor Co. bought Kelvinator primarily to appoint Mason as his successor at Nash. Nash -Kelvinator continued to provide high quality efficient machines for both industries under their leadership.