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Refrigerants in 1944

Why Refrigeration Research makes Driers

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Moisture has always caused problems in refrigeration systems. Even with the sulphur dioxide and methyl chloride refrigerants it was the bane of systems and a good reason to use a dehydrator or as they were later called a drier.

How to Charge a System (1944 style)

More News from 1944 the year Refrigeration Research began

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Charging a system in 1944 was much like today. Only they used R-12 or methyl chloride. There was great concern with introducing contaminants into the system so extra care was taken through strainers and driers to filter out contaminants. Safety was then a major concern and remains prominent today.

R-22 as a Low Temperature Refrigerant

A refrigeration engineer makes the case to replace R-12 in 1944

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J.W. Craig, a refrigeration engineer at the Crosley Corporation, proposes R-22 as a low temperature refrigerant for extremely low temperatures in a presentation to the American Society of Refrigeration Engineers at their annual meeting. The reception was almost as cold as his low temperature experiments.