Suction Accumulator

Air conditioning, heat pump, truck refrigeration and many other applications require intermittent operation of the refrigeration compressor.  Especially in remote applications, the suction line may trap or hold quantities of liquid which are suddenly dumped into the compressor as it starts up. This is frequently the cause of broken valves, pistons, broken or bent connecting rods, blown gaskets and bearing washout.


Proper installation of the Refrigeration Research suction accumulator in the suction line, just before the compressor, eliminates damage. If correctly sized, relatively large quantities of liquid refrigerant may return through the suction line and the suction accumulator prevents damage to the compressor.









Suction Mufflers

These mufflers smooth out suction pulsations resulting in reduced system noise when installed at the compressor on the suction side.


They are of hydrogen copper brazed steel construction for maximum strength and complete cleanliness with copper nipples for ease of installation.